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Stop Buying In To Capsule Wardrobe Must Haves Lists!

We all have those days when we feel nothing in our wardrobe works. Or perhaps it's an invitation to an event that sends you in to panic because you don't think you have anything to wear. But if you have some failsafe items in your wardrobe that are in tune with your personal style, you will always have something to wear. 

There is nothing worse than attending an event or important meeting and feeling like you aren't dressed appropriately. Equally if you rush out and buy something at short notice it's likely that it might not really be "you" and you will feel uncomfortable all day. 

So what is the key to getting this right and discovering what those failsafe pieces and outfits are? 

You are likely to have seen the lists of capsule wardrobe "must haves". They often include a white shirt, black trousers, blazer and Trench coat. But I am going to be a little controversial here because I don't agree with those lists :) For starters a white shirt (especially if it is a...

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Updating Your Personal Style Over 50

A new year is often the time we think about making a fresh start. But you may also be entering a new season of your life. If you are turning 50, or have already, there are some enforced changes (and this is relevant to you if you have gone through those in your forties too) that the menopause brings on. Most of them are not changes we welcome, for instance a changing body shape, greying hair, problematic skin and your own internal furnace. Many of us have a dip in our confidence too, because we just don't feel like ourselves any more. We may look in the mirror and wonder who that is or perhaps even see our mother!

When I turned 50, I actually felt pretty good. I had lost weight, got my hair just how I wanted it and I wondered what all the fuss was about. However, by the time I reached 52 everything had changed. The weight had gone back on, my hourglass shape had got rounder and I was battling keeping the grey at bay. (By the way, I have nothing against grey hair because I think it...

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Ditch The Diet & The Guilt - New Year, New You

This year I am resolving NOT to start a diet in January. Because as we all probably know deep down, diets don't work. If they did it wouldn't be such a huge money making industry! I read a great post from a brilliant nutritionist, @Rhitrition, I follow on Instagram that makes so much sense.

She said...

"Your weight can be affected by a million different things. Depending on what you ate, how much water you drank, whether you ate lots of salty foods and what time of day you weighed yourself, your weight can vary 2kg a day. If you’re more stressed than usual your body may produce more cortisol (stress hormone) which leads to inflammation = weight gain.

Of course we need to enjoy things in moderation but enjoy these days by stepping off the scales. While weight offers some useful measure, weighing too often can cause anxiety, distress and can even dictate your mood for the day. At worst it can even cause a spiral of deprivation, binge eating and low self-esteem.

Remember, how much...

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Little Black Dress - 3 Ways

We all want to get good cost per wear from the pieces in our wardrobe and if you have watched my online workshop you will know how much importance I place on a versatile wardrobe. For this post I am using an old shift dress from Eileen Fisher, I have in my wardrobe. But I have given alternative options including a navy dress if you don't like or want to wear black.

To be really versatile I would suggest a simple style with a short or 3/4 length sleeve that you can layer under and over. A mid weight fabric such as crepe or viscose will work day and night.

By using accessories cleverly no-one will think it is the same dress you are wearing again.

Outfit 1 is for the Office.

For an office look I have added an open front jacket, silk scarf and quilted handbag with heeled boots.

(Contains affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission if you buy items using these links) Similar Jacket // Dress, similar Eileen Fisher, Budget friendly, Navy alternative // Bag...

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Outfit Ideas & Tips For Party Wear & The Festive Season


Watch the video - below are items from my wardrobe that are still available or similar where I could find.

Please note: #AD - most of the links below are affiliate links which means I receive a small commission if you use the link and purchase the item.

Animal Print Clutch available in Tiger and Leopard.

My red Dress - also still available in deep green (came up a little small on the bust for me)

Red Boots

White/Cream trouser options - left with chiffon panels, right wide leg.

Faux Fur Collars

Sheepskin Scarf

Velvet leggings (incredibly soft & don't slip down!)


Deep Teal Culottes // Velvet Top

 Most of the outfits below I have created from items I already had in my wardrobe. By adding just a few new pieces and building up a collection of accessories it is easy to create some new festive outfits.


Outfit 1. Velvet Top Eileen Fisher old Similar, Culottes Phase Eight, Necklace similar, Bag Vivienne Westwood old, similar and shoes...

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Over 40 Autumn Outfit Ideas - My Capsule Wardrobe

This blog post accompanies a video I created for YouTube and is an update to the blog post from a few weeks ago with the start of my Autumn Capsule Wardrobe. Watch the video to discover the process I used for creating this capsule, why I chose certain pieces, my recommendations and the items that are key to this capsule.

With the video I photographed over 40 outfit ideas!

Download my FREE Ebook to discover how to create your own capsule wardrobe. 


The Capsule Wardrobe Pieces - some are the exact pieces I have and some are alternatives for older pieces I have had in my wardrobe for a while.

Where to buy (#AD some of the links below include affiliate links which means that should you click through and buy I will receive a small commission):

Long chocolate cardigan // Long green cardigan - similar shorter version (moss) // Orange cardigan - similar in Coral // Camel sweater // Black jacket // Chocolate sweater // Green/black shirt // Black print top // ...

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My Autumn Hair Makeover - Getting Back Hair Confidence

Like many women I know, my hair and how it looks is one of the most important parts of my personal style. I'm not afraid to give it a makeover and try something new and over the years I have been from shoulder length highlighted blonde, to a few inches long, to bra strap length and almost black, to today just below the chin with a mixture of warm gold and copper blended with my natural colour.

The constant striving for perfect hair has finally ended and I am happier now than I have ever been with it. The following story of my hair history, will illustrate why I am so pleased to have finally found a salon that I wouldn't hesitate in recommending. 

You may have heard me tell the story that I was born blonde and saw my hair grow naturally darker and more mousy into my thirties. All that changed when I had my children and my hair started to go much darker (actually complementing my naturally dark eyes and eyebrows) and at that point I was ready to embrace a little drama. I...

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New In My Autumn Capsule Wardrobe

This week I have started putting together my own Autumn Capsule Wardrobe. I will be bringing back pieces from last year, but have already added a few new items to freshen  up the existing pieces.

I'm adding some of the traditional Autumn colours like Tan, Light Olive and Orange to pieces I already own in Mustard and Black. And as brown is so on trend this season, I will also be expanding on the few pieces I have of Chocolate Brown (one of my favourite neutrals that at last is readily available this season)

The Chocolate Brown satin skirt from last year will carry forward, as this style of skirt is still so popular for both day and evening. Slouch boots are also still very much in, so these I bought last year will go with the new skirts I have included as an alternative to shoes.

I didn't get much wear out of the olive embroidered shoes I bought in Boden's sale last year or my gorgeous metallic Coach bag. Bringing in more greens will mean more outings for these much loved...

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What To Wear This Autumn

It’s the start of a new season and it’s one of my favourites. Who doesn’t love boots and cosy knits? But what to buy when there is so much choice? What you need is s bit of insider knowledge and that’s where I can help. Each season I take all of the stress out of what to wear by finding you the colours that will suit you and interpreting the trends that are worth investing in.

This season at first glance, you might think that if you have a cool skin tone there aren't many colours for you. But actually there are not only some great colours for you, there are also some gorgeous combinations. And yes, if you have a warm skin tone there are plenty of fabulous Autumnal colours. I've been longing for my favourite Chocolate Brown to be back "in" and finally it's here as Chicory Coffee. But there is also plenty of Rust, Camel and Taupe too.

My top tip for wearing colour this season is be brave. Try out some new combinations; Forest Biome and pink (light or bright) or...

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5 Styling Tips For How To Wear Wide Leg Trousers

This post contains affiliate links.

It’s been a hot one this week and I’m not a big fan of shorts. I prefer a loose dress or a pair of wide leg trousers, full length or cropped, in a lightweight floaty fabric like a soft cotton, viscose or Lyocell. But I have lots of readers asking how to wear wide leg trousers, especially crops because they can make you look square and boxy. There are some tricks that you can use though, to create shape and balance. Here are 5 styling tips for how to wear wide leg trousers and crops to flatter any shape.

1. Create long lines with a tunic style top and a long necklace to elongate the body.

How to wear wide leg trousers, red print trousers with long red tunic top

Trousers // Top Same in Navy // Similar necklace // Similar bracelet // Similar cuff //

2. Use statement accessories, or details to draw the eye where you want it to focus.

How to wear wide leg trousers, red print trousers with white camisole red cat eye sunglasses

Top // Similar sunglasses // Alternative necklace //

How to wear wide leg trousers, red print trousers with navy bardot top blue sunglasses

Top // Alternative necklace // Sunglasses //

3. Add a chunky wedge sandal to create balance.

How to wear wide leg trousers, blue print trousers with navy bardot top, wedge sandals

Trousers // Similar...

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