The Outfit Solution for Outdoor Socialising

Isn't it typical that the weather turned chilly just as we can start to meet up for a drink or meal outside! It even snowed here on the first morning of the new regulations. But that doesn't stop us hardy Brits does it? The answer is one we are used to with our changeable British weather; layering.

Thin layers work much better than one thick one and can be taken off as the temperature rises. Start with a pretty lace trimmed vest, camisole or fine knit, next add a shirt and depending how cold it is a sweater, then finish with a colourful poncho. Stylish but without the bulk.

Here is an example for a relaxed coffee meeting.

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Poncho // Necklace // Shirt // Top // Trousers // Shoes // Bag // Bag Strap //

Here are some more options for cosy Ponchos


And some more shirt options

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Stop Waiting Until, To Be Stylish In Your Fifties & Beyond

How do you feel when you open your wardrobe doors? Is it a case of "Ooh which of my lovely pieces shall I create an outfit with today?" or is it more "Ugh what on earth can I wear?" If it's more often the latter than the former you may be suffering from "waiting until". I completely understand because it is something many of us have experienced.

It might be that you are waiting until you have lost weight. Or maybe it's until you have time to sort your wardrobe out. Or perhaps until you have more money, or more confidence to try something new.

But all that time you are waiting, you are missing out. How do you feel at the moment? If you are suffering from a lack of confidence because you think your appearance is letting you down, then now is the time to act. I talk about this in much more depth here. But in the meantime let's get rid of some of those excuses.

If you are waiting until you lose weight, you will find this post useful. My biggest tip though, is not to have anything in...

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Outfit Ideas & Tips For Party Wear & The Festive Season


Watch the video - below are items from my wardrobe that are still available or similar where I could find.

Please note: #AD - most of the links below are affiliate links which means I receive a small commission if you use the link and purchase the item.

Animal Print Clutch available in Tiger and Leopard.

My red Dress - also still available in deep green (came up a little small on the bust for me)

Red Boots

White/Cream trouser options - left with chiffon panels, right wide leg.

Faux Fur Collars

Sheepskin Scarf

Velvet leggings (incredibly soft & don't slip down!)


Deep Teal Culottes // Velvet Top

 Most of the outfits below I have created from items I already had in my wardrobe. By adding just a few new pieces and building up a collection of accessories it is easy to create some new festive outfits.


Outfit 1. Velvet Top Eileen Fisher old Similar, Culottes Phase Eight, Necklace similar, Bag Vivienne Westwood old, similar and shoes...

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