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Spring Blouse Styled 3 Ways

Every so often a print catches my eye and I just can't resist it. It happened with this one which I thought would be a perfect addition to a Spring wardrobe. It might be a little while before we can get dressed up, but it will be gorgeous with tailored white trousers for a smarter occasion. In the meantime I have styled it casually to show you how you can wear it now.

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1. Blouse // Trousers // Pumps //

2. Denim skirt // Trainers //

3. Jeans // Boots //

I have pulled out the colours in the blouse for the other pieces in the outfits, my favourite being the first combination with what Boden call Copper Red trousers and pink pumps.

Here are some other pieces to style with this pretty blouse:


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Mini Spring Capsule Wardrobe

If you are desperate to freshen up your wardrobe with some Spring pieces, start with this gorgeous combination of colours I featured in last week's YouTube video.

Mix blue, yellow and a pop of hot pink to brighten the way out of lockdown - fingers crossed.

Shirts are a must have for Spring and they are perfect as transitional pieces to wear with joggers and jeans now, or more tailored trousers and skirts later. During the warmer months, wear them open with a camisole underneath and a pair of linen trousers or shorts. I've included 2 in this mini capsule, along with a pair of comfortable jeans and a fun bright skirt.

Add a cardigan for cooler days and a bright pop of colour in a soft boat neck top. Then add a couple of accessories, including a scarf that pulls the colours together and an easy small bag, for a collection of easy outfits.

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Outfit Ideas - Trench Coat 3 Ways

The trench coat is always a Spring wardrobe staple. This year is no different, because you can dress it down now with your joggers or jeans and up later if you are returning to the office or more smart casual occasions. I would recommend a single breasted option as it works better on those with a larger bust but can still be cinched in to show off your shape. 

Here is a classic trench coat shown worn 3 ways to get maximum versatility. I've chosen a mid range price point as this is an investment you will wear for years to come giving it a great cost per wear.

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1. Trench coat // Sweatshirt // Joggers // Scarf // Trainers //

2. Dress // Boots //

3. Sweater // Trousers // Loafers //

Here are a few more great new in Trench coat options - click image to shop


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Weekly Outfits - January Week 3

This week for my weekly capsule wardrobe (see last week's YouTube video) I decided to pick burgundy, grey, navy and pink. It's a colour combination I love (I also made a video about this colour mix)

Similar items where original are no longer available - Burgundy cashmere roll neck // Grey cardigan // Blue sweater // Pink sweater // Burgundy top // Blue print shirt // Print blouse // Jeans // Leggings // Blue trousers // Blue boots // Burgundy boots // Navy loafers // Scarf //

All the pieces in this mini capsule are old and some haven't been worn for a while. The print tie neck blouse for example is one I tend to dress up. So I enjoyed teaming it with some knitwear for a more relaxed look. Although most of the time I am at home wearing slippers(!) I have included footwear as one subscriber said she would like to see what I would wear with the outfits.

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What I Wore This Week - January 15th 2020

Thanks to one of my YouTube subscribers, this week I have created a Weekly Capsule Wardrobe. I will be trying to do this regularly and will be posting the results her in the hope it will inspire you to create some new combinations in your own wardrobe.

Here is a video all about this week's outfits. 


Items mentioned where available or similar alternatives - ***note, contains affiliate links***

Brown EF trousers only small sizes here  and here  // Green EF trousers only small sizes here  // Similar cape/sleeveless cardigan // Alternative brown top // Alternative budget green trousers //  Alternative green top //  Alternative longline green top // Alternative neutral trousers  // Alternative neutral sweaters  or here //


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My Autumn 2020 Capsule Wardrobe

This season, because of the Pandemic, there are hardly any new pieces in my Autumn Capsule. The few I have bought, have expanded on the more earthy, autumnal colours I love. 

The Capsule Pieces



Pieces where still available or similar: (** Contains affiliate links)

Black jacket // Yellow jacket, here in red  // Green cashmere cardigan  // Other cardigans - similar - similar  //  Coatigan // Cashmere jumper  // Other similar jumpers // Similar green shirt  // Tan print shirt  // Similar tie neck blouse  // Masai dress print in a blouse // Alternative yellow top  // Burgundy top, same style alt colours  // Similar black top  // Similar green/gold top  // Similar green trousers  // Tan trousers  // Burgundy jeans // Similar faux leather leggings  // Similar Eileen fisher neutral trousers  // Black EF trousers  // Similar tan loafers...

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Holiday Capsule wardrobe - UK Staycation

 This week we heard that soon we will be able to go on holiday, Yay!

However, I know many of us probably won't be confident flying off to the sunshine and may want to stay more local. With that in mind I have put together a Staycation Capsule Wardrobe. You can watch the accompanying video above, where I show pieces from my own wardrobe. There is plenty there for two weeks and I also show you how to pack it all into one piece of hand luggage.

Below, as many of those pieces are no longer available, I have created a new one.

The Pieces 

** CONTAINS AFFILIATE LINKS** Red cardigan // Dress // White cardigan // Breton top // Sparkly knit // Navy top // Silk camisole // Blue top // Print blouse // Red stripe top // Navy jersey trousers // Printed trousers // Linen trousers // Red trousers // Blue scarf // Red scarf // Earrings // Necklace // Blue sunglasses // Tortoiseshell sunglasses // Red bag // Red shoes // Espadrilles // Cream bag // Sandals // Red hearts suitcase //

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Yes, You Can Be Stylish Over Size 16

I recently had an email from a lovely [email protected] member wanting help in finding clothes in what the fashion industry call “plus size”. I hate this name because actually the fashion industry thinks anyone over a size 12 is plus size! As we all know, the average British woman is a size 14-16, we are getting taller and are feet are getting larger.

Unfortunately “plus size” often means frumpy, large floral prints and synthetic fabrics. There is some light at the end of the tunnel though with some fantastic brands who understand that just because the label in your dress says size 18, you don’t want to dress like your Grandmother!

My reader confessed that she had completely lost confidence in her wardrobe and avoided the mirror, so emergency action needs taking. Whilst I am in no way qualified as a counsellor, I have dressed hundreds of women and know what a hard time we give ourselves, often quick to point out what we perceive as flaws rather than...

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Summer Capsule Wardrobe Pieces

There are some pieces that are staples in my Summer capsule wardrobe. But that doesn't mean they are basics. Now that I have reached a certain age these pieces are ones that have been carefully determined to bring me the minimum cost per wear, but the maximum pleasure. I might take a nod to the seasonal trends, but what I really want to wear are pieces that make me feel good and the best quality for the investment.

My Summer staples won't be the same as yours - it all depends on your personal style - but below are mine and where I like to shop to give you some inspiration for determining yours.

AD ** This post contains affiliate links **

Gold dress // Print dress // Cardigan // White top // Orange blouse // Ivory trousers // Chocolate linen trousers // Sand stripe trousers // Silk print top // Red linen top // Gold blouse // Sandals // Shoes // Earrings // Basket bag // Gold bag //

A "dressy" dress for day or evening. This gold one fits with everything about my personal style,...

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How To Boost Your Confidence & Be Effortlessly Stylish Over 50

The key to looking effortlessly stylish in your fifties and beyond, starts with understanding what works for you now. You may have had a good understanding of your colouring, body shape and personal style, but that can all suddenly change. For most of us that's around the 50 mark, but for some it can be earlier or later, depending on when the menopause starts. Suddenly the grey is starting to spread, your waist is disappearing and what you once loved, you no longer do.

The colours that once worked so well on us might look too harsh or too dark. The waisted dresses and skinny jeans are uncomfortable, anything to frilly or "girlie" just looks wrong and thanks to your internal furness everything just makes you hot!

It's not surprising we start to feel lost, invisible and our confidence dips. So what is the solution? Glad you asked because I have spent years working on it!

There are 4 key steps in my solution:

1) Take stock of where you are now. This includes a declutter of everything...

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