Updating Your Personal Style Over 50

A new year is often the time we think about making a fresh start. But you may also be entering a new season of your life. If you are turning 50, or have already, there are some enforced changes (and this is relevant to you if you have gone through those in your forties too) that the menopause brings on. Most of them are not changes we welcome, for instance a changing body shape, greying hair, problematic skin and your own internal furnace. Many of us have a dip in our confidence too, because we just don't feel like ourselves any more. We may look in the mirror and wonder who that is or perhaps even see our mother!

When I turned 50, I actually felt pretty good. I had lost weight, got my hair just how I wanted it and I wondered what all the fuss was about. However, by the time I reached 52 everything had changed. The weight had gone back on, my hourglass shape had got rounder and I was battling keeping the grey at bay. (By the way, I have nothing against grey hair because I think it...

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