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Spring Prints & How To Style Them

This season I am loving prints! I've been more drawn to them this year than ever before. Most of my wardrobe is made up of plain pieces and the odd stripe. But now I am inspired to add a few more prints.

They can be more versatile than you think, especially if you have plain pieces in your wardrobe in the colours within your print. In fact this is one method I use for creating a colour scheme for a capsule wardrobe - as evidenced in this month's magazine where I have created a capsule wardrobe around a print.

Here are a few ideas to inspire you to add some prints to your Spring wardrobe.

Print Skirt

How to wear a print?

This gorgeous skirt in a fabulous clashing red and pink print can be toned down by pulling out the soft pink to create a blended look. Or use the red to colour clash for dramatic effect. Option three is to contrast by using the white. Which is your favourite? I'm loving the drama of the colour clash.

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Pink necklace // Pink top // Skirt...

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3 Ways To Wear A Strappy Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits have become everyday staples in our wardrobes, but you might think a strappy version wouldn't give you good cost per wear. However, I have found one that I think will. Plus, it comes in a great neutral Taupe which can be worn with brights, other neutrals and pastels.

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Outfit Option 1

For my first look I have paired it with red. For a daytime look I've layered a t-shirt underneath and added red sandals and bag.

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T-shirt // Necklace // Bracelet // Bag // Sandals //

Outfit Option 2

For this look I have dressed it up for an occasion with this fabulous print jacket (also has matching trousers) high sandals and clutch and included a lovely bright pink nail varnish for fingers and toes.

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Jacket // Bag // Shoes // Nail varnish //

Outfit option 3

Finally for a smart casual look I have added a crochet knit (an on trend piece) a raffia bag and woven shoes.

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Spring Outfit Ideas - With A Pop of Brights

Add a some bright colour to those warm weather essentials of espadrille sandals and a basket bag. This Broderie skirt is so pretty and can be dressed up or down. Add a white blazer and sandals for a smarter occasion with that pop of pink on toe and finger nails.

Espadrilles are proving to be very popular at the moment so buy early as they are selling through quickly!

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Sunglasses // Top // Nail varnish // Highlighter // Bag // Skirt // Sandals //

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Why You Need Wardrobe Basics & What To Choose

If you struggle to create outfits with what you have in your wardrobe, the chances are you don't have a good mix of wardrobe basics. It might seem boring to shop for a simple cream blouse or neutral blazer instead of a beautiful print skirt, but without the former, you may not have anything to wear with that skirt. Plus, if you shop wisely, those wardrobe basics will create outfits on the days when you don't want to have to think about what to wear.

You will probably have seen lists of the top 10 items you need in your wardrobe, usually including a trench coat, white shirt, black trousers etc. but I don't subscribe to those lists. Why? Because they are too restrictive and 5 of the items on the list might not work for your lifestyle, body or colouring. A crisp white shirt for example, won't work on a full bust. Black trousers with a white shirt is too much contrast for most women's colouring.

So what should be on your wardrobe basics list? The simple answer is that's up to you. As...

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Fashion Maths - 3 Always Stylish Outfit Formulas For Spring

The trick for always having something to wear is to have a few outfit formulas you know work. I've put together 3 that you can easily follow by using the same pieces I have here, or by using what you already have in your wardrobe.

Formula 1 - Jeans, lightweight knit & Espadrilles

An easy formula that always works as we all have jeans and a sweater in our wardrobes. The trick though, is to add accessories and colour to keep it from being boring. For my option I have chosen Turquoise and added a few colourful accessories.

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Scarf // Sweater // Jeans // Bag // Bag strap // Espadrilles //

Formula 2 - T-shirt dress, denim jacket & trainers

This is a great seasonal transition outfit when you want to get your legs out but you might still want a jacket. I've stuck with neutrals for this outfit but added some animal print to make it more interesting.

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Jacket // Sunglasses // Necklace // Dress // Bag // Bag strap...

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The Outfit Solution for Outdoor Socialising

Isn't it typical that the weather turned chilly just as we can start to meet up for a drink or meal outside! It even snowed here on the first morning of the new regulations. But that doesn't stop us hardy Brits does it? The answer is one we are used to with our changeable British weather; layering.

Thin layers work much better than one thick one and can be taken off as the temperature rises. Start with a pretty lace trimmed vest, camisole or fine knit, next add a shirt and depending how cold it is a sweater, then finish with a colourful poncho. Stylish but without the bulk.

Here is an example for a relaxed coffee meeting.

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Poncho // Necklace // Shirt // Top // Trousers // Shoes // Bag // Bag Strap //

Here are some more options for cosy Ponchos


And some more shirt options

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Spring Jeans Outfits

After many months of comfortable joggers and stretch waists, I know many of you are itching to get back into your jeans. Even I, not a huge fan of jeans, have a couple of pairs that will be getting an airing over the next few months.

So what to wear with them? Well they are perfect for outdoor coffees and lunches, worn with layers depending on the weather. But you might also want to wear them on a relaxed evening out too. I've created three outfits with a pair of relaxed Boyfriend jeans to give you some ideas.

Casual Jeans Outfit

First an option for wearing to meet a friend in the park for coffee and cake or a picnic lunch. Paired with comfortable espadrilles and a jacket in case it's a little cool. I have added a basket to carry a blanket and your picnic.


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Jeans (all outfits) // Jacket use MARIA15 at the checkout for 15% off // Top // Basket // Espadrilles //

Luxe Investment Jeans Outfit

Add a couple of seasonal trends for a more dressy...

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Spring Jumpsuit Outfit Ideas

A neutral jumpsuit is a great option for Spring and this one will offer you great cost per wear. I've styled it 3 ways but I've only scratched the surface for the multiple ways you can wear it.


Throw on a Kimono jacket and a pair of espadrilles, then finish with a basket bag and necklace.

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Kimono // Necklace // Bag // Espadrilles //

Add a warmer layer with a pretty pastel knit and a bright necklace.

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Sweater // Necklace // Bag // Espadrilles //

Add a touch of animal print - never out of style.

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Jacket // Bag // Sandals //

Other ways to wear...

Add a chunky cardigan and a pair of loafers or layer a Breton underneath and pair with trainers.

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Wardrobe Essentials - Neutral Cardigan

This week I have been thinking about wardrobe essentials. First, I added a new Spring Basics Capsule to the Capsule wardrobe Club and secondly, this week's YouTube video is all about Spring Essentials.

One of the items I think is really useful is a neutral cardigan. In my wardrobe this is a hip length, soft white belted style I have had for a few years and as you can see below, wear a lot.

There are lots of options available at all price points - see below. Choose one that will be a good investment for you, as it is an item that will get a lot of wear. Obviously being a light colour it will also be more high maintenance than a dark colour, so don't choose a hand wash option if you hate hand washing!

Think too about how you want to wear it. There are casual and more dressy options. This one below, for example could easily be worn for evening or a smarter occasion because of its pretty scalloped edge.


Once you have added this wardrobe essential you will wonder how you...

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Wide Leg Jeans Styled 3 Ways

If you've never tried wide leg jeans, here is your opportunity as they are on trend this season. I love a pair with a wide flare as they have great leg lengthening properties. This pair in a dark wash can be made smart casual with a pretty blouse, but for this group of outfits I've gone for 3 very different looks.

Parisian Chic

What says Parisian chic more than a Chanel style jacket and a pair of ballet pumps? This jacket is a knit, making it more relaxed and the pretty blue also has a nod to the season's pastel trend. Ballet pumps are back, an alternative to the trainers we've been living in, but still a comfortable option.

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Knit jacket // Jeans // Ballet pumps //

70's Vibe

If like me, you were a fan of Charlie's Angels and particular Farrah Fawcett, this might be the option for you. A feminine blouse, wide leg jeans and a pair of wedges teamed with Aviators and the long flicked hair that lockdown has blessed us with!

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