Stop Waiting Until, To Be Stylish In Your Fifties & Beyond

How do you feel when you open your wardrobe doors? Is it a case of "Ooh which of my lovely pieces shall I create an outfit with today?" or is it more "Ugh what on earth can I wear?" If it's more often the latter than the former you may be suffering from "waiting until". I completely understand because it is something many of us have experienced.

It might be that you are waiting until you have lost weight. Or maybe it's until you have time to sort your wardrobe out. Or perhaps until you have more money, or more confidence to try something new.

But all that time you are waiting, you are missing out. How do you feel at the moment? If you are suffering from a lack of confidence because you think your appearance is letting you down, then now is the time to act. I talk about this in much more depth here. But in the meantime let's get rid of some of those excuses.

If you are waiting until you lose weight, you will find this post useful. My biggest tip though, is not to have anything in your wardrobe that you are "slimming in to" because the only thing that does is make you feel bad/guilty if you don't.

If you are waiting until you have more time, think about how much time you waste every morning putting on clothes and then taking them off again or hunting through your wardrobe/ironing basket looking for something to magically appear that is perfect.

Or if money is the issue, why not sell on those items that still have the labels on them or that are in good condition. Then you can use the funds to buy new or perhaps pre-loved pieces. In the meantime resolve not to waste any more money on spur of the moment buys that never actually get worn. 

If you want to know how to start afresh creating a wardrobe that give you more of those ooh moments than ugh moments, the [email protected] system was designed just for you. I take you through step by step how to Uncover the gems you already have, Discover what is right for you, Dress the real you and create your perfect Capsule Wardrobe. If that sounds good, check out this video to find out more or go here to get immediate access.



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