The Importance of Capsule Wardrobe Basics

If you are one of those women who seem to have a stuffed wardrobe but can't easily create outfits, it could be that you don't have versatile wardrobe staples.  We often buy one off pieces or colours that don't go with anything else and either they get worn once or not at all.

The solution?  A capsule wardrobe of basics.

Don't be mistaken in thinking these are boring items, they don't have to be if they work with your personal style. What they will do though, is add the start point or the finishing touch to multiple outfits. They include the shoes that go with everything whatever the style or colour, the jackets that are the perfect topper to an outfit, the trousers that dress up or down.

You may have seen lists of wardrobe basics before. They often say you need a pair of black tailored trousers and a white shirt, a pair of black court shoes and so on. But this doesn't give you room to incorporate your colouring, shape or personal style - like much styling advice...

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3 Ways To Wear a trench Coat

It's that time of year when a Trench coat is one of the handiest items you can have in your wardrobe. For this example I have picked a classic double breasted style. However, This style isn't ideal on everyone so adapt it to suit your shape. If you are large busted, choose a single breasted option and if you don't have a waist or don't want to wear a belt a swing style will work better on you.

With that caveat in place let's talk about why a Trench is so versatile.

A trench is practical as well as being stylish, in fact it's a Style Icon that just doesn't date. While it was originally created for British soldiers in World War one, it really got its style credentials later when worn by the likes of Catherine Deneuve and of course Audrey Hepburn. Many a Femme Fatale has donned a Trench coat, occasionally with little else underneath!

It gets its versatility by having the ability to be dressed up or down. It looks just as great over a pair of jeans as it does over a shirt dress for the...

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Winter Transition Capsule Wardrobe In Neutrals

Creating Capsule Wardrobe is my favourite part of my job. This works now but will transition into Spring too. Predominantly in neutrals it has a couple of pops of Spring colour. There are cosy knits and a Puffer coat for cold days, but also a silk shirt and a bold print skirt that will work on less chilly days too. I've included black jeans as a change from blue denim as they are easier to smarten up, as well as wear with your knits and trainers.

I've chosen a mixture of mid to high end High Street and a couple of designer pieces but you can switch out pieces that you have in your wardrobe or at your own budget.

The Capsule Pieces

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Zebra coat // Puffer coat // Knit dress // Jacket // Taupe knit // Green knit // Shirt // Taupe trousers // Jeans // Skirt // Earrings // Necklace // Bucket bag // Black bag // Sunglasses // Belt // Loafers // Boots // Court shoes //

Capsule Outfit Ideas

If you liked this capsule wardrobe, you will...

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Four Steps To Creating A Wardrobe That Works For You Now

Like most of us my wardrobe and getting dressed requirements have changed considerably over the last few years. Not just because of the Pandemic, but also since turning 50. If your wardrobe is in need of a revamp because it's full of clothes that don't fit your shape or your lifestyle anymore, my four step process will help you create a wardrobe that works for you now.

Step 1 - Where Are You Now & What Do You Need

Bite the bullet! You can't think about a streamlined wardrobe if it's overwhelmingly full of clutter. When you can't see what you've got it's impossible to pull together stylish outfits. So your first step is broken down into 2 parts.

First you need a grand declutter to get rid of everything you no longer wear, anything that is dated or damaged and anything that no longer fits. Ditch the guilt while you are doing this. Don't allow anything that still has the label on it to persuade you it should take up valuable space in your wardrobe. Donate or sell it on to...

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Mini Socialising Capsule Wardrobe

Have you been out socialising yet? If not it might be down to the cool weather we have been having. While it is supposed to warm up a bit soon and it's not long until we can socialise inside, I thought I would put together a mini socialising capsule that is pretty, can be dressy and hopefully won't have you freezing.

I have included a crochet sweater and skirt co-ord - a great buy because the skirt will look great in the Autumn and Winter with boots too - a pair of white jeans (one of my Spring/Summer wardrobe essentials) and a second short sleeve wrap knit. Add a couple of accessories, in this case a pair of bow detail shoes, small neutral bag and necklace and you have 4 outfits that will take you to a restaurant, pub or friend's for dinner.

Of course the sweaters and skirt will also work with other pieces in your Spring/Summer wardrobe too.

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Sweater // Skirt // Jeans // Pink cardigan // Necklace // Bag // Shoes //

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Why You Need Wardrobe Basics & What To Choose

If you struggle to create outfits with what you have in your wardrobe, the chances are you don't have a good mix of wardrobe basics. It might seem boring to shop for a simple cream blouse or neutral blazer instead of a beautiful print skirt, but without the former, you may not have anything to wear with that skirt. Plus, if you shop wisely, those wardrobe basics will create outfits on the days when you don't want to have to think about what to wear.

You will probably have seen lists of the top 10 items you need in your wardrobe, usually including a trench coat, white shirt, black trousers etc. but I don't subscribe to those lists. Why? Because they are too restrictive and 5 of the items on the list might not work for your lifestyle, body or colouring. A crisp white shirt for example, won't work on a full bust. Black trousers with a white shirt is too much contrast for most women's colouring.

So what should be on your wardrobe basics list? The simple answer is that's up to you. As...

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Designer Capsule Wardrobe On A Budget

if you are thinking about investing in some new pieces for your wardrobe and have a favourite designer, you might want to check out The Outnet. Now especially, because they have some fantastic stock at the moment. With many designers collections not having sold well over the last year, you might find the exact piece you were lusting over last season but at a huge discount.

I thought I would give you an example with one of my favourite brands, Vince. While I love the brand, I don't buy often because even though the pieces are beautiful, they have a high price point. But at the moment the Outnet has 4 pages of Vince pieces and many are half price or less. In fact this gorgeous green skirt (which is perfect for this season's pastels trend) is 70% off and the brown silk blend trousers are 53% off!

I've put together a mini capsule wardrobe of Vince pieces and added a pair of Nicholas Kirkwood shoes and a Chloe bag, both also heavily reduced. This is a capsule that looks "this...

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Holiday Capsule wardrobe - UK Staycation

 This week we heard that soon we will be able to go on holiday, Yay!

However, I know many of us probably won't be confident flying off to the sunshine and may want to stay more local. With that in mind I have put together a Staycation Capsule Wardrobe. You can watch the accompanying video above, where I show pieces from my own wardrobe. There is plenty there for two weeks and I also show you how to pack it all into one piece of hand luggage.

Below, as many of those pieces are no longer available, I have created a new one.

The Pieces 

** CONTAINS AFFILIATE LINKS** Red cardigan // Dress // White cardigan // Breton top // Sparkly knit // Navy top // Silk camisole // Blue top // Print blouse // Red stripe top // Navy jersey trousers // Printed trousers // Linen trousers // Red trousers // Blue scarf // Red scarf // Earrings // Necklace // Blue sunglasses // Tortoiseshell sunglasses // Red bag // Red shoes // Espadrilles // Cream bag // Sandals // Red hearts suitcase //

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Summer Capsule Wardrobe Pieces

There are some pieces that are staples in my Summer capsule wardrobe. But that doesn't mean they are basics. Now that I have reached a certain age these pieces are ones that have been carefully determined to bring me the minimum cost per wear, but the maximum pleasure. I might take a nod to the seasonal trends, but what I really want to wear are pieces that make me feel good and the best quality for the investment.

My Summer staples won't be the same as yours - it all depends on your personal style - but below are mine and where I like to shop to give you some inspiration for determining yours.

AD ** This post contains affiliate links **

Gold dress // Print dress // Cardigan // White top // Orange blouse // Ivory trousers // Chocolate linen trousers // Sand stripe trousers // Silk print top // Red linen top // Gold blouse // Sandals // Shoes // Earrings // Basket bag // Gold bag //

A "dressy" dress for day or evening. This gold one fits with everything about my personal style,...

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6 Reasons for Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

If you have ever stood in front of your wardrobe wondering what on earth you can wear, then you are in need of a capsule wardrobe! Imagine instead, how it would feel to get up in the morning and know you have the right outfit to wear whatever your plans are (and of course we are slowly becoming able to start making plans). But that’s not the only reason a capsule wardrobe can be “life changing” here are 5 more...

  • It saves you huge amounts of time. Instead of spending precious hours looking for items that fit, work with other pieces in your wardrobe and make you feel good, you just go to your wardrobe and you have not one but several options ready to pull out and wear. The morning time suck “wardrobe stare” is eliminated for good.
  • It’s never boring. There is a misconception that a capsule wardrobe means wearing the same thing all the time. On the contrary a carefully designed wardrobe contains multiple combinations that you can stamp your...
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