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Want to love getting dressed & what you see in the mirror? I’m your style coach and cheerleader - let me help

Discover The Stylish Woman You Dream of Being

Have you ever wished you had a Styling Fairy Godmother sitting on your shoulder as you stare into your wardrobe wishing the perfect outfit would suddenly appear? Someone who really understands the dressing dilemmas of a woman over 50?

Wish no more!

I've helped hundreds of women all over the world discover their unique personal style so that they love getting dressed, knowing they always looking their best.

Do you desperately want to look stylish and well put together, but you don't have the time to follow what's in style or search for the right items to create a wardrobe that works for you? If so you will love my easy Capsule Wardrobe Lounge and Style Lounge solutions.

If you want to go deeper and create a wardrobe that reflects who you are with a Style Coach who gets to know you and what makes you tick, my VIP services will be right for you.

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VIP, One to One & Group Services & Programs


The destination for women who want help in being more stylish and well put together but don't have the time or knowledge to do it themselves.

From a complete monthly capsule wardrobe and endless outfit ideas, wellness tips, resources and recipes, to styling tips and how tos, the Lounge collection has the solutions to make your life easier and more stylish.

PLUS there's a monthly virtual "Tea & Chat /Q&A" session, to get your questions answered and meet your fellow members.

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As a woman over 50, who wants the very best of what life can be, this isn't the time to step back into the shadows, it's time for you to:

* Honour who you are with a polished, truly authentic personal brand
* Curate a wardrobe of exceptional pieces that embodies the unique woman you are
* Give yourself the time and attention you deserve to discover your style essence, keywords and create a blueprint that delivers for the life you dream of living
* Enjoy 5* luxury and pampering

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A fun, informative and inspirational day that will make a big impact on your personal style. With a beautiful setting, amazing food and over twenty five years of experience, you have a recipe for a transformative day.

This is your opportunity to gain clarity and creativity in your personal style.

We will work together to uncover the power of your uniqueness and how you can reflect that in your style, so that you get the results you want, rather than being hidden in the background.

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Elevate the power of your personal style from invisible to a force to be reckoned with

You will discover:

  • What first impression you are making and why perception/image is so important
  • How to stand out from the crowd so you do get chosen
  • Your unique personal style keywords and how to use them to craft a magnetic and authentic personal style
  • What works for you, your lifestyle and your ambitions - so you can turn them into reality
  • What's holding you back and how to fix it
  • A mindset reboot so your confidence is restored
  • The key pieces for your wardrobe this season and why it's important to stay fresh and relevant
  • Your signature colours and pieces to stand out, or win friends and influence
  • Your bespoke action plan to get you the results you desire

Once you understand this process and use it to your advantage your self confidence will grow in all areas of your life.


About Maria

I've been a personal stylist for the last 25 years working with thousands of women, helping them discover their own unique personal style. I focus on helping women over 50 discover their personal style, so that they love what they see in the mirror, can dress for any occasion knowing they look their best.

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FREE Core Capsule Wardrobe Planner Ebook


What is a core capsule wardrobe and how do you create one that is the foundation of your wardrobe?

With outfit ideas for any occasion this Ebook is more than just your usual 10 piece must have list of boring black trousers and white shirt. It helps you create a capsule wardrobe that is individual to you.

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