How To Update Your Colour Palette

If you have had colour analysis in the past there is a good chance that you may only wear a percentage of the colours in your palette. We all get stuck in a rut and stick to what is safe and what we know works. Depending on when you were colour analysed, you may also be sticking to some rigid rules that are limiting your choices. If you were analysed as one of the 4 Seasons and have never deviated, you are definitely missing out. Since then colour analysis has moved on considerably, I have even developed my own method that I use with my clients. 

If you have started to see some "natural highlights" creeping in or perhaps as you have got older your skin tone has changed, you may want to rethink the colours you wear as well. Or maybe you fancy a change or feel that your colour palette doesn't reflect who you are. I definitely go through phases where I want to wear a luxurious palette of neutrals and other days when I really want some gorgeous pops of colour. 


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Mini Capsule Wardrobes To Suit Your Colouring

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One of my most popular posts ever on the blog was about 4 years ago, but it still sends me traffic pretty much everyday. So this week I thought I would create a new version of 6 mini capsule wardrobes to suit your colouring. I was going to create a video but when I came to edit it, part of the film was blurred (agh) but I think it probably works better as a blog post anyway – Phew!

If you watched last week’s video about why I don’t believe in seasonal colour analysis, you will have seen that I talked about bringing in your personality to you colour palette. Sometimes – and it’s not infrequently – I have clients who don’t actually like the colours that suit them physically. To make a colour palette that works for them and that they are happy to wear, I make some adjustments. In fact it’s really common that those with Bright colouring don’t want to wear a bright red lipstick that should look...

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