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A Range of Memberships For Mid Life Women


Tap into all of my best styling and wellness tips. Those I only share with my inner circle of clients.

How to wear, how to build your perfect wardrobe, health and wellness confidence boosters and getting the most from a stylish and health life.

PLUS so much more!

Join The Wellness Lounge, Capsule Wardrobe Lounge or get both and more in the Complete Style Lounge



Hi, I'm Maria, your personal styling coach

I've been helping women with their style for the last 25 years


I'm excited to have developed this range of memberships because I’m passionate about offering advice to women in midlife and beyond to give them the confidence to create their own individual style through their fashion choices. 

Having also been on a wellness journey myself I'm eager to share with you what has worked for me, to save you both time and money. We all know restrictive diets don't work, so I'll share with you what does.

My expertise extends beyond clothing, embodying an understanding of colour, body shape, how to incorporate your unique personal style and showing you how to adapt trends to make them wearable - whatever your age or size.

It's not about spending more money or buying new all the time, more about understanding how to get the most from and to encourage you to shop your own wardrobe. Many of my capsule wardrobe suggestions will contain similar items to those you may already have tucked away, but don’t know how to style. 

Feeling confident and comfortable with your own style can impact how you feel - in fact your whole life! That's what this is designed to show you.

I‚Äôve listened to my clients and understand that what they really want is ‚ÄúA stylist in their wardrobe‚ÄĚ, something lovely to wear everyday and practical and implentable advice to make their lives better and healthier!¬†¬†So that‚Äôs what I aim to give you.¬† ¬†

Welcome To The Lounge Collection


Discover the Lounge Memberships

Wellness Lounge

Having discovered the benefits of a new approach including - feeling more energised, losing weight easily, feeling more positive and hopeful about the future, discovering delicious food, being excited to create new recipes, finding a way to move that's easy to incorporate into my life - I will be including my tips, resources, recipes and support and how you can adapt them to suit your lifestyle.

Each month, there will be new articles on nutrition, metabolic health, sleep, fitness and much more, in fact everything I've learned on my journey to massive health improvements and weight loss.

There will also be the best Athleisure and workout wear, the kitchen equipment I use, recommendations of books, body and wellness products and other resources and monthly recipes. 



Capsule Wardrobe Lounge

I've been creating capsule wardrobes and mix and match outfit ideas online since 2011 when I started my first blog and even before that with clients when I owned two shops.

As a stylist I have my finger on the pulse of what's in store, what's on trend (but also wearable) and how to style and accessorise gorgeous outfits, both for everyday and occasions.

In this membership, each month you'll receive a complete digital capsule wardrobe collection with at least 30 outfit ideas. You can use the items you already have in your wardrobe to recreate the outfits and/or add any pieces from the shoppable outfits I provide.

You'll get a checklist of key pieces, my recommendations and alternatives for different sizing and budgets (I will aim to be as inclusive as possible with what's available)


Complete Style Lounge

The Style Lounge is already a full vault of styling tips, information and videos, packed with my 25+ years of expertise.

And now it includes both the Wellness Lounge and The Capsule wardrobe Lounge too.

PLUS each month you also get an invitation to a Zoom Tea and Chat where you will have a chance to ask and get answers to your style questions.

Questions like - ‚ÄúI fell in love with this Maria so I bought it and now I have no idea how to style it can you help?‚ÄĚ

Yes of course I can.

PLUS Monthly styling sheets, for those who want to go deeper, showing you how to style and create outfits that work for you.

PLUS Twice a year you also receive my Seasonal Colour and Trend Report.


Wellness Lounge

£22 per month


  • Monthly¬†wellness article¬†on health, fitness, diet or nutrition
  • Monthly¬†Recipes
  • Athleisure & workout wear recommendations
  • Kitchen and cooking equipment recommendations
  • Book recommendations
  • Wellness resources
  • Private Membership Site
  • Cancel at any time

Capsule Wardrobe Lounge

£25 per month


  • Monthly Digital shoppable¬†Capsule Wardrobe
  • At least 30 Outfit Ideas
  • Smart casual outfits
  • Smarter/Occasion outfits
  • Key Pieces Checklist
  • Size and Budget alternatives
  • Private Membership Site
  • Cancel at any time

Style Lounge

£49 per month


  • Wellness Lounge
  • Capsule Wardrobe Lounge
  • Monthly Tea & Chat Q&A - ask Maria your styling questions
  • Monthly Styling Sheets
  • Seasonal Trend Report
  • Seasonal Colour Report
  • Private Membership Site
  • Cancel at any time

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