8 Step Soothing and Pampering Spa Routine


This week I am bringing you an 8 step soothing and pampering spa routine which I hope will leave you feeling relaxed and de-stressed at this worrying time.

Spa Routine

Step 1. Start by washing your hair with Clarifying Hair Wash, using a Scalp Massager to gently stimulate the hair and encourage healthy growth.

Step 2. Rinse hair and apply a deep conditioning treatment. This one contains plant proteins to repair and strengthen the hair and keratin for glossy, healthy looking hair.

Step 3. Gently massage in Body Smooth polish to exfoliate and nourish with oils and mineral rich sea salts. Its gorgeous citrus scent comes from lemon myrtle which deeply cleanses and purifies the skin and macadamia nut oil helps improve elasticity.

Step 4. Buff your feet with Polishing Foot Pebble to remove dry skin and soften cracked heels.

Step 5. Rinse off body polish and foot pebble while running a bath and adding Tahitian Vanilla and Coconut Luxury Bath Foam. Aloe Vera helps to soothe and hydrate and natural coconut cleansers are gentle even on sensitive skin.

Step 6. Before stepping into the bath for a long luxurious soak add your face mask of choice - Skin Clearing, Brightening or Deep Hydration.

Step 7. Rinse off your hair and face masks and finish with Repairing Foot Remedy and lashings of Whipped Body Velvet. Anti-ageing, intensely nourishing and deliciously scented this multi award winning body butter is a real treat to use.

Step 8. Spritz face with  Vitamin Toner and finish with Skin Feast moisturiser which contains 20 skin-loving plant, fruit and flower extracts.

Enjoy your Spa routine regularly and if you are looking to order several products, save money by checking out the special packs below.

Money Saving Packs

A Walk on The Beach Foot care - Contains Ocean Fizz foot soak, Foot Pebble and Repairing foot Remedy

ABC Skin Care Collection - Contains Cleanser, Vitamin Toner, Skin Feast and your choice of Mask

Limited Edition Pamper Packs - all proceeds go towards funding hand sanitisers for the NHS and supporting The Trussell Trust.


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