Ditch The Diet & The Guilt - New Year, New You

This year I am resolving NOT to start a diet in January. Because as we all probably know deep down, diets don't work. If they did it wouldn't be such a huge money making industry! I read a great post from a brilliant nutritionist, @Rhitrition, I follow on Instagram that makes so much sense.

She said...

"Your weight can be affected by a million different things. Depending on what you ate, how much water you drank, whether you ate lots of salty foods and what time of day you weighed yourself, your weight can vary 2kg a day. If you’re more stressed than usual your body may produce more cortisol (stress hormone) which leads to inflammation = weight gain.

Of course we need to enjoy things in moderation but enjoy these days by stepping off the scales. While weight offers some useful measure, weighing too often can cause anxiety, distress and can even dictate your mood for the day. At worst it can even cause a spiral of deprivation, binge eating and low self-esteem.

Remember, how much...

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