How to Choose Colours Plus A Special Stuck At Home Offer

Are you still confused by Colour but would like to know which colours suit you and how to determine whether you a have warm or cool skin tone?

While we are in this difficult time where many of you may be stuck at home, I thought I would create some content that can keep you occupied and hopefully take your mind off this stressful situation.

So if you are thinking about having a wardrobe sort out I have filmed a video about colour which I hope you will find useful and informative.


In the video you will learn how to see which colours work for you, how to determine whether you have a warm or a cool skin tone and how to mix colours.


If by the end of the video you would still like some help I have created a special offer for you. I know many people will be struggling and as a small business I want to do my best to help you, while still making sure I can continue to run my business. So for the next few weeks I am offering my Personalised Colour Guide at 25% off. Plus I will also include my Colour Manual, giving you a total saving of just under £39. The two together should give you a ton of inspiration for using colour in your wardrobe while giving you the boost that colour gives. We all need something to keep our morale up at the moment and I hope this will help.

Order the Colour Guide & Manual Special here and use the code COL20 to get your discount.




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