Smart Casual Summer Capsule Wardrobe

For those of you who work or who need a some smarter outfits, Summer days can be tricky. But I have put together a selection of mix and match pieces to create a mini capsule wardrobe. I have based it around a linen suit with a difference - this one has a sleeveless jacket. It makes it still smart, but contemporary too. 

To the suit I have added a print blouse and then used the colours in the blouse for other pieces in the capsule. I have included a pair of cotton stretch trousers, floaty skirts in blue and soft yellow and two further blouses in green and ivory. 

Only one pair of sandals are needed in a neutral. But of course you could choose an additional pair in blue, green or a neutral tan. I have chosen a block heel that makes them comfortable to wear but is a little smarter than a flat.

The Pieces

Jacket // Trousers // Print blouse // Blue skirt // Green blouse // Green trousers // Ivory top // Yellow skirt // Sandals or here //

These eight pieces...

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