Wedding Guest Dress Edit & How to Accessorise

Now that weddings are back on, you may be needing an outfit for a rearranged wedding. The easiest answer is a dress and it makes sense to choose one that can be worn again for other occasions and evenings out. You are in luck this season because there are plenty of gorgeous options available. Below are some of my favourites. 


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Top row left to right Blue // Pink // Yellow // Blue // Coral // Blue/white //

Bottom row left to right White/pink // Peach/cream // Red/blue // Green // Red // Dark green //


When you are accessorising your wedding guest outfit, look for multi tasking pieces. Choose neutrals and metallics, then you can wear them again and again, both together and separately. If you opt for a dress with sleeves you won't need to add a jacket.

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Dress // Fascinator // Earrings // Bag // Shoes //


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Dress // Fascinator // Earrings // Bag // Sandals //



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