Four Steps To Creating A Wardrobe That Works For You Now

Like most of us my wardrobe and getting dressed requirements have changed considerably over the last few years. Not just because of the Pandemic, but also since turning 50. If your wardrobe is in need of a revamp because it's full of clothes that don't fit your shape or your lifestyle anymore, my four step process will help you create a wardrobe that works for you now.

Step 1 - Where Are You Now & What Do You Need

Bite the bullet! You can't think about a streamlined wardrobe if it's overwhelmingly full of clutter. When you can't see what you've got it's impossible to pull together stylish outfits. So your first step is broken down into 2 parts.

First you need a grand declutter to get rid of everything you no longer wear, anything that is dated or damaged and anything that no longer fits. Ditch the guilt while you are doing this. Don't allow anything that still has the label on it to persuade you it should take up valuable space in your wardrobe. Donate or sell it on to recoup some of the cost. Likewise anything that is too small will just make you feel bad every time you see it hanging in the wardrobe. Do yourself a favour and fill your wardrobe with things that make you feel good the size you are now.

The second part is to work out what you actually need. How do you spend your life now? If you have a wardrobe full of work wear for a now more leisurely life, you will struggle to create outfits. Before getting rid of it all though, think about whether a suit can be split up and worn separately - the blazer with more casual trousers and the trousers with a knit. If it doesn't work, again donate or resell.

Once you have decluttered, taken stock and planned the type of outfits you need you can move to step 2.

Step 2 - Identify What Works For You

Have you gained or lost weight and/or has your colouring changed? If you have passed 50 it is very likely that your weight or shape may have changed. Our weight gets distributed differently as we go through the menopause, so even if you haven't gained weight your shape may be different. My hourglass shape filled out in the middle to make me more apple shaped, so fixed or tight waistbands are no longer flattering or comfortable. Don't immediately think you have put on weight and beat yourself up about it. It may just be that your shape has changed and you need to rethink the shapes you wear.

Likewise if you have decided to embrace the grey or stop colouring your hair, it may be that some of the colours in your wardrobe aren't as flattering as they once were. If your hair has lightened, you might find that lighter colours are now more flattering close to your face. If you are unsure about what works for you now, this video should help.

Now you have considered updating the shapes and colours in your wardrobe it's time for step 3.

Step 3 - Create Your Outfit Formulas

This is where the fun happens! Creating your personal Style Formula and Keywords adds your personality to your wardrobe. It's like putting the icing on the cake. When you understand how to bring you into your wardrobe it makes it unique and it stops you making expensive mistakes. Using these in combination with your most flattering colours and shapes makes shopping so much easier. Find out more about how to create your Style Keywords in this video.

And now you are ready for my favourite step.

Step 4 - Create A Capsule Wardrobe

Before you say "I don't want a boring wardrobe with only 10 Items in it!" hear me out. A capsule wardrobe can be as individual as you are. The number of items it includes is entirely up to you. You might be a minimalist who is happy keep it very streamlined and rewear the pieces every week. On the other hand you might like having a full wardrobe and are happy to wear your pieces less frequently. Most of my clients fall somewhere in between, but all options are ok.

You might have several capsule wardrobes based around the seasons, work and weekend, for holidays or for evenings out and entertaining. It's entirely up to you and I won't give you hard and fast rules.

What is important is that everything in the capsule works with multiple other pieces and can create multiple outfits. This will give you the best cost per wear from your wardrobe. So for example, you might have a tailored blazer that you can wear to work, dress down with your chinos at the weekend or wear over a dress for a wedding or occasion.

When you are creating your capsule, it's important to go back to those colours and shapes, key words and style formula and make sure you incorporate all of that information. You also need to go back to what you already have and build around that, thinking about your lifestyle and the type of outfits you need for your lifestyle.

At then end of this process you will have a whole catalogue of outfits that you can refer back to whenever you are wondering what to wear.

What's Next? 

There you have it. My four step process to creating a wardrobe that works, makes you feel fabulous and saves you both time and money. I won't deny that this is a process that you need to work through over time, but wouldn't it be worth it for these results? No more expensive mistakes sitting unworn in the darkest corners of the wardrobe, an end to the "what on earth can I wear" wardrobe stare and you can step out feeling confident and stylish. If you are wondering how to get started, check out the videos I have mentioned above, then if you'd like to work through the 4 step process for yourself it's part of the [email protected] System, inside the [email protected] membership - along with lots of other member benefits - and you can start today for just £35.


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