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6 Reasons for Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

If you have ever stood in front of your wardrobe wondering what on earth you can wear, then you are in need of a capsule wardrobe! Imagine instead, how it would feel to get up in the morning and know you have the right outfit to wear whatever your plans are (and of course we are slowly becoming able to start making plans). But that’s not the only reason a capsule wardrobe can be “life changing” here are 5 more...

  • It saves you huge amounts of time. Instead of spending precious hours looking for items that fit, work with other pieces in your wardrobe and make you feel good, you just go to your wardrobe and you have not one but several options ready to pull out and wear. The morning time suck “wardrobe stare” is eliminated for good.
  • It’s never boring. There is a misconception that a capsule wardrobe means wearing the same thing all the time. On the contrary a carefully designed wardrobe contains multiple combinations that you can stamp your personality on by the use of accessories and colour. It’s far more boring to grab the same black trousers every day or jeans and a T-shirt on a Saturday. Wouldn’t you like to look well put together every day?
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White jeans worn three ways, a capsule wardrobe gives you versatility.

  • An obvious one – it saves you money. Each item is carefully chosen so that it fits, flatters, works with other things in your wardrobe and gets worn! How many pieces do you have in your wardrobe that you just need to find the right jacket or top to go with, or the shoes you bought for that one occasion that you haven’t worn since. And as for party and occasion wear, who can afford to spend £500 on an outfit that gets worn once? I'm sure there are many of us with pieces in our wardrobes that were bought for an occasion this year that got cancelled because of the Pandemic.
  • It gives you confidence. A big one that often gets underestimated. Knowing that everything in your wardrobe looks fabulous on you lets you hold your head higher, forget about what you are wearing and face the day with confidence. Why shouldn’t you look fabulous every day? Surely if you are putting your hard earned money into your wardrobe you shouldn’t put something on and think “that will do”. Who wants to spend the day feeling small? As Marilyn famously said “give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world!” It’s true.
  • You’ll be treated better. I know we don’t want to believe this one, but you are judged on your appearance, like it or not. If you work, what you wear does have an impact on your career and your promotion potential. Being well put together shows an attention to detail and those around you will believe you give the same attention to your work. And if you don’t work, there are still times when you want to be treated with the respect you deserve – ever been the last person to get served in a shop, overlooked in a busy restaurant or talked down to by your child’s teacher? You can discard this as fluff, but do so at the risk of not being taken seriously.
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See how a simple shirtdress can be worn for work, casual and a relaxed event like a Barbecue. A well planned capsule wardrobe will have all of these options.

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