Mini Capsule Wardrobes To Suit Your Colouring

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One of my most popular posts ever on the blog was about 4 years ago, but it still sends me traffic pretty much everyday. So this week I thought I would create a new version of 6 mini capsule wardrobes to suit your colouring. I was going to create a video but when I came to edit it, part of the film was blurred (agh) but I think it probably works better as a blog post anyway – Phew!

If you watched last week’s video about why I don’t believe in seasonal colour analysis, you will have seen that I talked about bringing in your personality to you colour palette. Sometimes – and it’s not infrequently – I have clients who don’t actually like the colours that suit them physically. To make a colour palette that works for them and that they are happy to wear, I make some adjustments. In fact it’s really common that those with Bright colouring don’t want to wear a bright red lipstick that should look fantastic on them. Or that someone with Soft colouring would like a few brighter colours in their palette. Please don’t be dictated to about which colours you “should” or “shouldn’t” wear. We are all individuals and it makes sense that not everyone with Warm colouring will like yellow.

In these new mini capsule wardrobes I have put together some colour combinations that you may not have thought of. Underneath each one I will also give you some ideas for how to adjust them too.

Mini Capsule Wardrobes

Light Colouring

guide to colour and how to wear it, blonde woman with blue eyes, light colouring

With Light colouring wearing medium to light colours works well for you physically. But don’t think that you can’t wear some brighter colours too. In fact a Poppy Red looks fantastic on Light colouring. For this mini capsule I have included some brighter colours that are still on the Light end of the depth scale and I have balanced them with a light Biscuit neutral. If you want to experiment with some darker colours, such as navy or a charcoal grey, add in one of these light bright colours.

mini capsule wardrobes, light colouring, pieces in mint and salmon with biscuit neutral jacket

Jacket //Print top // Necklace // Dress // Skirt // Plain top // Chinos // Sandals //

mini capsule wardrobes, light colouring, outfits dress, skirt outfit, chinos outfit


Deep Colouring

guide to colour and how to wear it, woman with dark hair and brown eyes

With Deep colouring, colours that are rich and strong balance your features. However, it isn’t always easy to find those rich colours in the Summer and you may want to add some lighter colours in. This season there are plenty of great colours for you, including Russet Red and deep greens and teals. If you want to wear white or lighter neutrals add in one of your deep strong colours like this red, chocolate or a deep blue.

Mini Capsule Wardrobes - Deep Colouring, pieces in deep green and teal mixed with russet red


Jacket //Green top // Necklace // Dress // Skirt // Red top // Chinos // Shoes (these have been so popular I’ve used them again) //

mini capsule wardrobes, deep colouring, green print dress, red jacket, teal skirt and top, red top, green chinos

Warm Colouring

guide to colour and how to wear it, woman with red hair and blue eyes

This season there are so many fabulous desert colours like Mustard, Rust Red and rich tans that look so good on Warm colouring. If you want to add some cooler colours to your palette, use some of your Aqua blues. If you hate Yellow, replace it with Rust, Orange or Peach pinks instead.

Mini Capsule Wardrobes - Warm Colouring, pieces in yellow, tan, camel, cream


Jacket //Cream top // Necklace // Dress // Skirt // Knit top // Chinos // Sandals //

Mini Capsule Wardrobes - Warm Colouring, outfits yellow dress, tan skirt and top, camel trousers cream top

Cool Colouring

should I go grey, woman with grey hair

For this Cool capsule I have used the usual pinks you would expect but I have mixed them with Green which is often dismissed as a warm colour. Look for sea greens to mix into your palette. You can wear yellow too if you want to. Find one that has an acid or icy feel to it rather than the warm egg yolk or daffodil shades.

Mini Capsule Wardrobes - Cool Colouring, pieces in emerald green and pinks


Jacket //Pink top // Necklace // Dress // Skirt // Green top // Trousers // Shoes //

Mini capsule wardrobes, cool colouring, green dress, pink skirt and top, green top, gingham trousers

Soft Colouring

guide to colour and how to wear it, woman with brown hair and green eyes

Just because you have Soft colouring it doesn’t mean you have to choose neutrals. Softs look best with a blend of colour and whilst that could be a blend of neutrals, think about using colours with the same depth together, like this red and blue. I have also mixed warm and cool shades here too, make it work by wearing a neutral jacket.

Mini Capsule Wardrobes - soft Colouring, pieces in blue and soft red with beige


Jacket //Shirt // Necklace // Dress // Skirt // Blue top // Chinos // Sandals //

Mini Capsule Wardrobes - soft Colouring, outfits, blue print dress, red skirt neutral top, blue chinos and top

Bright Colouring

guide to colour and how to wear it, dark haired women with blue eyes, bright colouring

Bright colouring comes alive with contrast and of course bright colours. But if you want a rest from wearing brights, create contrast with light and dark. You can successfully mix black and white and perhaps add a little pop of colour in your accessories.

Mini Capsule Wardrobes - Bright Colouring, pieces in red white and bright blue


Jacket //Blue top // Necklace // Dress // Skirt // White top // Trousers // Sandals //

Mini Capsule Wardrobes - bright Colouring, red and white dress, bright blue print skirt and top, red trousers, white jacket

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