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My Autumn Hair Makeover - Getting Back Hair Confidence

Like many women I know, my hair and how it looks is one of the most important parts of my personal style. I'm not afraid to give it a makeover and try something new and over the years I have been from shoulder length highlighted blonde, to a few inches long, to bra strap length and almost black, to today just below the chin with a mixture of warm gold and copper blended with my natural colour.

The constant striving for perfect hair has finally ended and I am happier now than I have ever been with it. The following story of my hair history, will illustrate why I am so pleased to have finally found a salon that I wouldn't hesitate in recommending. 

You may have heard me tell the story that I was born blonde and saw my hair grow naturally darker and more mousy into my thirties. All that changed when I had my children and my hair started to go much darker (actually complementing my naturally dark eyes and eyebrows) and at that point I was ready to embrace a little drama. I...

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