Weekly Outfits - January Week 3

This week for my weekly capsule wardrobe (see last week's YouTube video) I decided to pick burgundy, grey, navy and pink. It's a colour combination I love (I also made a video about this colour mix)

Similar items where original are no longer available - Burgundy cashmere roll neck // Grey cardigan // Blue sweater // Pink sweater // Burgundy top // Blue print shirt // Print blouse // Jeans // Leggings // Blue trousers // Blue boots // Burgundy boots // Navy loafers // Scarf //

All the pieces in this mini capsule are old and some haven't been worn for a while. The print tie neck blouse for example is one I tend to dress up. So I enjoyed teaming it with some knitwear for a more relaxed look. Although most of the time I am at home wearing slippers(!) I have included footwear as one subscriber said she would like to see what I would wear with the outfits.


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