How To Boost Your Confidence & Be Effortlessly Stylish Over 50

The key to looking effortlessly stylish in your fifties and beyond, starts with understanding what works for you now. You may have had a good understanding of your colouring, body shape and personal style, but that can all suddenly change. For most of us that's around the 50 mark, but for some it can be earlier or later, depending on when the menopause starts. Suddenly the grey is starting to spread, your waist is disappearing and what you once loved, you no longer do.

The colours that once worked so well on us might look too harsh or too dark. The waisted dresses and skinny jeans are uncomfortable, anything to frilly or "girlie" just looks wrong and thanks to your internal furness everything just makes you hot!

It's not surprising we start to feel lost, invisible and our confidence dips. So what is the solution? Glad you asked because I have spent years working on it!

There are 4 key steps in my solution:

1) Take stock of where you are now. This includes a declutter of everything in your wardrobe you no longer like or that no longer fits. Clear the wood from the trees so you can see what you have that you actually wear. Once you can see what you have you can start to think about what you need and can make a plan for how many outfits you need.

2) Step two is all about understanding what works for you now. Are you going to embrace the grey and therefore need to re-evaluate your colour palette, or does it just need tweaking with some more flattering colours. How has your body shape changed? Which shapes and styles are going to give you confidence and show off your figure at its best. What are your Style Keywords that will guide you in choosing pieces that make you feel fabulous.

3) Step three is all about creating outfits and updating your wardrobe with pieces that give you great cost per wear. You will create a Style Formula that makes your outfits unique and truly 'you'. Once you have done this step you will have a catalogue of outfits at your fingertips, so you never have to wonder what to wear again.

4) Step four is all about creating a capsule wardrobe. One that is personalised to you. You will work out how many pieces you need in your capsule - no hard and fast rules, it's what works for you. You will design your colour palette and add investment and essential wardrobe basics that make the capsule not only work hard, but bring you joy and confidence too.

These four steps are what I call The [email protected] System. Over that last 20 odd years as a personal stylist, I have worked with literally thousands of women and I have noticed that around the age of fifty as changes start to happen our confidence dips. I know for myself, the change of body shape has really hit me hard. Although it can be weight gain (it's much harder to shift after 50) as our metabolism slows, it isn't always. It can just be a natural change of shape as our waistline thickens. Then there are those grey hairs (which by the way, look amazing on some women) and the wrinkles or skin problems that kick in. 

It isn't just the physical changes either. Once confident women, suddenly find themselves experiencing social anxiety, tears out of the blue for no apparent reason, lying awake for hours and nervousness over things that always came easily before (for me it was driving). While I can't help with those problems (a good Doctor can) I can help boost your confidence in the way you look and that has a huge impact on the way you feel too.

That is why I have created this step by step system that shows you how to look and feel good about yourself whatever the occasion. It's 18 months since I created the [email protected] membership but I felt like there was something missing; some kind of step by step plan that took you from feeling sad and frumpy to gorgeous and confident and this is it. Since adding it to the membership I have had countless members tell me how much they have valued this process. The membership supplements it by adding personalised advice, a community, weekly posts or videos, the weekly wardrobe and the seasonal capsule. I would love to help more of you and despite adding this detailed course, the membership has remained at just £35 per month.

When you join you get access to all of the resources in the membership plus Step 1 of the [email protected] System. So that you aren't overwhelmed, The System is dripped out over a number of weeks to allow you time to work through each step at your own pace. During your 3rd week you then get Step 2 which is a big and juicy one all about discovering your best colours and shapes. In month 2 Step 3 becomes available and here you put to use what you learned in step two by creating outfits using your style keywords and outfit formula. Finally in your third month Step 3, all about creating a capsule wardrobe is revealed (you can buy this step as a standalone course here)

Even if you only stay a member for 3 months to get access to the complete [email protected] System within the membership, you will still be saving yourself money, as the standalone capsule wardrobe course is £99, the weekly wardrobe £30 per month and the seasonal capsule (next one due in September and all past ones are inside the membership) £39. Plus all of the past videos, posts and outfit ideas are available to you immediately.

If I have you chomping at the bit to join us, you can do that here. Or if you want more information watch this video.




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