Over 40 Autumn Outfit Ideas - My Capsule Wardrobe

This blog post accompanies a video I created for YouTube and is an update to the blog post from a few weeks ago with the start of my Autumn Capsule Wardrobe. Watch the video to discover the process I used for creating this capsule, why I chose certain pieces, my recommendations and the items that are key to this capsule.

With the video I photographed over 40 outfit ideas!

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The Capsule Wardrobe Pieces - some are the exact pieces I have and some are alternatives for older pieces I have had in my wardrobe for a while.

Where to buy (#AD some of the links below include affiliate links which means that should you click through and buy I will receive a small commission):

Long chocolate cardigan // Long green cardigan - similar shorter version (moss) // Orange cardigan - similar in Coral // Camel sweater // Black jacket // Chocolate sweater // Green/black shirt // Black print top // Black/brown shirt // Rust sweater // Gilet // Rust blouse // Green/gold top // Black top // Chocolate top // Rust/yellow pleat skirt // Black floral skirt // Black pleat skirt // Green culottes, alternative - sold out everywhere thanks to Kate Middleton wearing them // Black knit trousers // Chocolate trousers //

Brown boots alternative // Animal scarf // Tan boots // Tote bag // Black boots // Black bag // Heart scarf alternative // Green shoes - alternative // Green bag - alternative // Orange shoes // Necklace // Orange bag //

The Outfits :


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