Wardrobe Essentials - Neutral Cardigan

This week I have been thinking about wardrobe essentials. First, I added a new Spring Basics Capsule to the Capsule wardrobe Club and secondly, this week's YouTube video is all about Spring Essentials.

One of the items I think is really useful is a neutral cardigan. In my wardrobe this is a hip length, soft white belted style I have had for a few years and as you can see below, wear a lot.

There are lots of options available at all price points - see below. Choose one that will be a good investment for you, as it is an item that will get a lot of wear. Obviously being a light colour it will also be more high maintenance than a dark colour, so don't choose a hand wash option if you hate hand washing!

Think too about how you want to wear it. There are casual and more dressy options. This one below, for example could easily be worn for evening or a smarter occasion because of its pretty scalloped edge.


Once you have added this wardrobe essential you will wonder how you managed without it!

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