Little Black Dress - 3 Ways

We all want to get good cost per wear from the pieces in our wardrobe and if you have watched my online workshop you will know how much importance I place on a versatile wardrobe. For this post I am using an old shift dress from Eileen Fisher, I have in my wardrobe. But I have given alternative options including a navy dress if you don't like or want to wear black.

To be really versatile I would suggest a simple style with a short or 3/4 length sleeve that you can layer under and over. A mid weight fabric such as crepe or viscose will work day and night.

By using accessories cleverly no-one will think it is the same dress you are wearing again.

Outfit 1 is for the Office.

For an office look I have added an open front jacket, silk scarf and quilted handbag with heeled boots.

(Contains affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission if you buy items using these links) Similar Jacket // Dress, similar Eileen Fisher, Budget friendly, Navy alternative // Bag (in taupe) similar in burgundy // Boots similar // Scarf, the same //

Outfit 2 is for the evening.

For the evening I have added metallic accessories - you could use gold, silver or a colour - and then just finished with a statement necklace.

 // Similar Bag // Shoes // Necklace

Outfit 3 is for casual wear.

Finally for the casual look I have layered a roll neck underneath, but a chunky cardigan or poncho over the top would work too. Then I have added flat boots and a scarf. I love black and brown as a combination but if it is too dark for you, try varying shades of grey or blue.

 // Roll neck // Boots, alternative // Scarf //

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