Stop Being Invisible - As A Woman Over 50 It's Your Time To Shine



You deserve the best, it's time to put yourself front and centre


As a woman over 50, this isn't the time to step back into the shadows. This is the time for you to celebrate the ownership and confidence that speaks to the experience and achievements that you've developed.

However, sometimes you feel like you've got stuck in a style rut or perhaps you've lost "you" and don't like what you've become as you've gone through menopause and all that entails.

Instead I want you to:

  • Honour who you are with a polished, truly authentic personal brand
  • Look in the mirror and see you - at your absolute best - not a shadow of who you want to be
  • Give yourself the time and attention you deserve to craft a personal style that fills you with confidence really resonates and brings you joy
  • Work closely with me¬†so that together we can¬†discover your style essence, keywords and create a blueprint¬†that delivers¬†for the life you dream of living
  • Become the "main character" in your life¬†- because you've earned it
  • Enjoy 5* luxury and pampering¬†¬†

Unlocking your personal style is a journey and one I am here to help you with.

Together, we'll uncover your unique style appearance and personality, tackle your personal styling challenges, and build a wardrobe that reflects your renewed inner confidence.

For those¬†in the Corporate world elevating your style is not just about appearances‚ÄĒit's about projecting confidence and professionalism and showing that your ideas are still fresh and relevant.

We'll explore how to refine your wardrobe, accessorise strategically, and exude an aura of success in every situation.

Read on to find out how...


Hi, I'm Maria, your personal stylist

I've been helping women up level their style for the last 25 years

I'm excited to have developed this VIP program for those who really want to define their authentic style and step out with unwavering confidence.

I've been working behind the scenes on creating new ways to work with my clients and this is for those who want the full out luxury, in depth experience with close involvement from me.

My style of working with clients is collaborative, creative and empathetic and this program will be run individually or in a small group in combination with one to one sessions so that you get all the time and attention you need.

PLUS you will be pampered and treated to luxurious touches in keeping with the VIPs you are. 






Luxury 5* Retreat

Our "Getting to know you" will de carried out over 2 days at a luxury hotel and spa.

In this relaxed atmosphere I will help you step into the pampering and luxury you so deeply deserve.

You will enjoy amazing food, pampering and spa time together while I get to know you and understand the nuances of what you want to bring to life in your style.

Virtual Styling Sessions

Following our retreat, as we work through your goals and intentions we will meet up virtually on a monthly basis.

During these sessions we will be perfecting and refining your look, discussing how your wardrobe is developing, answering any questions you have and honing in on your personal style so that you have the confidence to continue to develop and build your wardrobe after our time together.

Stylist On Call

Three months of close access to me to get your questions answered as you start to understand what is uniquely right for you and we hone your personal style.

Your Complete Style Blueprint & Virtual Wardrobe

A personalised guide for your style and wardrobe.

My signature formula will not only enhance, but also help you to step into your most confident and beautiful style; one that feels like home to you.

This includes:

  • Your Style Keywords - helping you really tailor words that specifically speak to you and guide you in your shopping trips, wardrobe building and outfit creation going forward.
  • Your Style Essence - helping you to tap into who you are at your core and making sure that we are picking clothing that reflects that.

You will also get your own online wardrobe containing your looks, clothing items, my recommendations and even a calendar where we can lay out which outfits to wear for specific occasions or trips.

Celebration Meet Up

At the end of our 3 months we will get together for our final glamorous celebration where we can raise a glass (or cup) to all you have achieved.

Plus you'll get the opportunity to continue working with me as one of my VIP clients, at a special rate should you want to.

New Season Update

At the start of the New Season we will have an update call where I will share key pieces and colours to update your wardrobe for the new season.



"This retreat has blown me away and been more than I could ever have imagined. I wouldn't change a thing. I really feel seen and understood and I am finally excited about creating a personal¬†style that will make me actually want to be seen and more importantly heard!‚Ä̬†



"Thank you! Pure but simple genius"



"This has been so incredible. You are a font of wisdom and really take the time to understand me as an individual. The retreat was so luxurious and special and I've found our discussions so helpful in thinking about how I want to project myself as I transition into a new phase of life "



As you know, red carpets are only for the exclusive few.

I have limited capacity to make sure you have the most delicious experience possible.

So if you are ready to claim your personal style and only accept what you know is your best self, join me in your VIP experience.


Full Pay



  • Luxury 5* Retreat
  • 3 Month Exeprience
  • Virtual Styling Sessions
  • Stylist on Call &¬†Q&A Calls
  • Complete¬†Style Blueprint
  • Online virtual Wardrobe, Look Books and Calendar
  • One to Ones With Maria
  • Celebration¬†Meet Up
  • New Season Update

Payment Plan

£879 x 4


  • Luxury 5* Retreat
  • 3 Month Experience
  • Virtual Styling Sessions
  • Stylist on Call &¬†Q&A Calls
  • Complete¬†Style Blueprint
  • Online virtual Wardrobe, Look Books and Calendar
  • One to Ones With Maria
  • Celebration¬†Meet Up
  • New Season Update

Join Today - Up Level Your Style, Become a VIP & Start Experiencing The Best of Life


Because you're worth it!