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Colour Analysis

Colour analysis has moved on from the early days of using the 4 Seasons and personally, I think that's a good thing. We are all so different, that we can't all fit neatly in to four boxes. But, I think there is still much further we can go. I still get clients who are confused by colour. Sadly some of them have seen two and even three colour consultants and been told different things. And don't get me started on being told what you can and cannot wear. That's why I created my own methodology of colour analysis...



Colour Analysis For Individuals


We are all unique, so choosing colours should be more detailed than draping a few swatches if we really want to wear our best colours. While there has to be a starting point - I use the Tonal System - I believe there are 3 key elements to your best colours. The combination of your hair, skin tone and eyes, is just one of them, but that's where most colour analysis stops. I have added those 2 missing elements; your personality and your lifestyle.

Your Personalised Colour Guide

Your Colour Guide is a digital booklet full of information on which colours are right for you, including makeup, jewellery and glasses suggestions and how to mix your colours and wear them to suit you. As well as a set of tonal colours that work for your colouring, I add a set of colours for your personality and lifestyle. All you need to do is log in to your private site, complete a short questionnaire, add a picture and in a few days you will receive your digital Colour Guide.

Your Personalised Colour Guide

Discover Your Best Colours

Your best Tonal colours

Your Dominant Colouring

Your personalised colours

At least 36 colours that are perfect for you

How to add additional colours

Wearing Your Colours

Your best neutrals

How to mix your colours

How to create Outfits with your colours

How to wear Black

Finishing Touches

A complete makeup look in your colours (including products if you choose that option)

Colours for Glasses

Colours for Jewellery

Scarf recommendations


Prefer to do it yourself and want to learn everything you need to wear colour with confidence?

I've created a complete Step By Step course walking you through how to understand colour and use it to suit you. 

Click through for more details.



Prefer to do it yourself? Order the Colour Manual. It's a 48 page Ebook which explains how the Tonal System of colour analysis works. You will discover:

  • Your Dominant and Secondary colouring
  • A palette of 36 colours you can wear confidently
  • Which are your best neutrals and how to mix them with your accent colours
  • 4 Methods you can use to create a wardrobe colour scheme
  • 30 sample wardrobe colour schemes

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