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Your 6 Step Style Journey

As a woman over 50 there can be so much to contend with. Physical changes that go with this time of life can add pounds, mess with your emotions and just generally make you feel no longer “you”.

Opening your wardrobe doors has become an emotional minefield. It’s not surprising you stick to the same boring pieces that are closest to hand. And if you have been avoiding events or having your photo taken because you've lost confidence I have your back.

The good news is I’ve worked with hundreds of women like you and you aren’t alone. It’s time for you to put yourself first, discover that stylish and confident woman that’s hiding inside and stop holding yourself back from the life you want to have. These last two years have taught us we have to make the most of this precious time we have.

That's why after much research and working with women just like you, I've created this 6 Step Style Journey to help you rediscover your personal style, grow your confidence and create a wardrobe that makes you feel fabulous every day.

We start with COLOUR - Newly updated, this unique colour service is tailored to suit you and your personality. No two people are the same which is why you get a completely personalised palette of colours that make you shine AND reflect your unique personality. Colour is the easiest way to make an instant difference, that's why we start here.

Next it's your BODY SILHOUETTE - again your body shape may have changed. You might have gained or lost weight, lost your waist or developed a tummy. Let's discover how to dress you in your most flattering and confidence boosting shapes and styles.

Creating your STYLE KEYWORDS - who are you now? What do you love? What makes you feel fabulous? Learn how to dress the authentic, individual and beautiful you!

Create a CORE CAPSULE WARDROBE - Not a cookie cutter trench, black trousers, white shirt version, but one that is designed to suit you physically as well as for your lifestyle and personal style.

EDIT & PERFECT - It's time to refine and make sure your wardrobe only contains the items that create beautiful outfits and make you feel fabulous.

OUTFIT PLANNING & SHOPPING - Now you know what works for you it's time to create your dream wardrobe and plan your stylish outfits


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Sher - Wardrobe & Styling Client

"Absolutely no-one has your skill and flair for capsule and on-line shopping. You are one in a million!"

Beautiful Personalised Digital Booklet

All 6 Step services come with your personalised digital booklet which can also be printed out. As you add additional services your booklet will be updated for you so that all of your personal styling information is held in one place.

Plus your shopping and outfit services also include my Wardrobe App.

Video Consultation

Maybe you already know which colours and shapes suit you but want an update or re-evaluation, some new ideas or a one to one session to get some clarity on your personal style this is the option for you. 

The agenda for the call is set once you have completed a questionnaire letting me know what you need, so that we can be laser focused on meeting your requirements.

This one hour Zoom call is followed up with your personalised booklet containing notes and recommendations based on what we have discussed.

Simply click the button below to order and I will get in touch with your questionnaire and available dates.


New - Virtual Shopping Video Service

Let me go shopping for you and create a video with all the items I have chosen for you. Each piece will be carefully selected to suit you, your budget and your requirements. I talk you through the pieces and why I have chosen them, then you can click on the item beside the video to buy. Watch this short video to see how it works then click one of the buttons below to order a 5 or 10 item video selection.

(Please note clothing is not included)