Capsule Wardrobe Club

Monthly Membership To Build The Perfect Wardrobe

Basics Capsule

When you join the membership you will see a Basics Capsule for the season. These pieces are wardrobe staples that can be mixed and matched together and with new pieces to create multiple outfits. 

Weekly Additions

Each week 3 seasonal pieces are added to expand the capsule. Shop your wardrobe for similar pieces, use them to inspire you to find like pieces or order the exact pieces from the shopping links provided.

Outfit Ideas

As well as outfit ideas using the Basics Capsule, each week more outfits are created for you using the new Weekly Additions. Use these outfit ideas to create more outfits from items you already own.

Capsule Wardrobe Club


The Capsule Wardrobe Club has been designed to make getting dressed in the morning easy. As well as the Basics Capsule - the core pieces for each season that make outfit building simple - it also builds to create a mini capsule wardrobe each month. Every Wednesday 3 new seasonal items are added, giving you more outfit ideas.

What's included in the membership?

  • Basics Capsule
  • Outfit ideas using the Basics
  • 3 Seasonal pieces added each Week
  • Links to buy any recommended pieces - or use as inspiration to shop your wardrobe
  • Additional outfits using the Basics and Seasonal items

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