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Why I Created The Style Strategy

Over the last 20 years as a Personal Stylist, Boutique owner and more recently Online Stylist, I have worked with hundreds, possibly even thousands of women. During that time I have also created a set of unique online services. The most popular of these have always been related to colour and creating a capsule wardrobe.

During my time creating my blog I have written more than 700 articles and videos on the topic of style, as well as three online courses. 

Over the years I have met so many amazing women, what's sad is that many of them didn't know, or acknowledge, how amazing they are! Added to that is the explosion of social media. Now everyone supposedly has a glossy life, amazing figure, hair and makeup, not to mention a designer wardrobe. Having been in that world, I can tell you, almost no-one's life is like that, unless they have a whole team of hair and makeup artists, personal trainers and Photoshop! 

Behind the scenes, we all have bad hair days, days when nothing fits and days when we just can't be bothered to spend hours doing our makeup. But it's not surprising that "ordinary" women can feel confused and even invisible. 

So the Style Strategy is for real women! There are no age or size limits. If you simply want to look and feel the best you possibly can then I am here to show you how, without having to lose weight or spend hundreds.

Please don't be told that caring about the way you look is "fluffy". Feeling good about yourself gives you confidence and that projects outwards. This last year has proven that mental health is so important and feeling good about yourself is just one of the ways you can take care of your mental health. Besides, sometimes we all need a touch of styling magic to make us feel fabulous; Wedding, Big Interview, Presentation, First Date.

Below you will see listed some of what is included in The Style Strategy.

I know some women don't want to visit a personal stylist and now you don't need to. Everything you need to know is here. You don't need to worry about forgetting what the stylist told you during your session - you can come back to what you have watched or read again. I am always here with you, when you need me!

I can't wait to see that stylish, confident woman that is YOU!

4 Steps To Complete Style Confidence

Step 1 - All About Colour

Discover My Unique Method of Colour Analysis (no seasons or clones)

What Is your Colouring

Customising Your Colour Palette

Your Unique Colours

Creating Colour Schemes

Makeup Colours

 Hair Colour

Colours for Accessories

Mixing Colours With Confidence

And more..

Step 2 - Your Body

Dressing Your Body For Confidence

The Different Body Shapes & Adapting To Suit You

Dressing Your Proportions

Dressing Your Scale

Your Best Lengths

Tips for Size 16 Plus

Clothing Shapes & Styles

And more...

Step 3 - Your Personality

Style Inspirations

Your Style Keywords

Your Signature, Essential & Standout Pieces

Mood Boards

Your Style Formula - Dressing Your Personality

Choosing The Right Balance of Pieces

Creating Outfit Combinations

Creating An Outfit Catalogue

How To Get Out of a Style Rut


Step 4 - Capsule Wardrobe

Why A Capsule

The Secrets To A Perfect Capsule

Planning A Capsule Wardrobe

Choosing Colour Schemes

Incorporating Your Keywords

Designing Your Capsule

Adding New Season Pieces & Colours

Special Occasion Capsules

Capsule Examples

Bonus Content

Wardrobe Management

Streamlining Your Wardrobe

How To Shop Your Wardrobe

Budgeting For Your Wardrobe

Where To Spend & Where To Save


Resources, Downloads & Extras

Colour Palettes

Seasons & Personalities

Neutral & Accents Sheets

Colour Scheme Template

Outfit Planner Template

Outfit Diary

Shopping List Template

Body Shape & Proportion Tip Sheets

Capsule wardrobe Examples

"Your advice has transformed my wardrobe and inspired me. I enjoy opening my wardrobe every morning because the colours inside are glorious. It makes me happy that I can now combine the clothes to build outfits that match my personal style and my lifestyle. I feel contemporary and stylish and that is such a good feeling. Your programme is such an affordable way to have access to a brilliant personal stylist. I have learned so much from you. New styles, new colours, new brands and a real appreciation of what works for my colouring, shape and style. I love being 'cool' ! You make looking stylish possible for everyone!"

Kind Words...

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"It's such a big year for me this year and updating my image is something I am really excited to be doing. I feel as though I can do so confidently now that I am armed with your advice. "

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